Awatoto Shingle Plant

Simon Hird

Winstone AggregatesAwatoto Shingle Plant

Available Hours

  • Weekdays 7.30AM - 4.30PM
  • Saturday 7.30AM - 11:30AM
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Physical Address

480 State Highway 2, Awatoto
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Postal Address

PO Box 946

Core Products: Roading, Concrete and Asphalt Aggregates, Drainage, Bulkfill, Sand, Landscaping, Farm Maintenance

Awatoto is the primary site for Winstone Aggregates’ operations in the Hawkes Bay region, producing a range of concrete aggregates, sand and roading material. In addition to its beach extraction, material extracted from local river systems for river control purposes is transported to the site for processing and mixing with the beach material prior to stockpiling and sale.


Evidence of shingle extraction in the area dates back to 1884 but our best records indicate that the Awatoto Shingle Company began operations in Napier around 1920. Initially the house and sheds of the operation were located on the company’s freehold land while the plant and winch house were located on adjacent land leased from New Zealand Railways. At least until 1949, New Zealand Railways were extracting gravel from their own land beside the Awatoto site, loading it onto railway wagons that ran on a track spanning the length of both sites.

In recent years a modern pre-stressed concrete conveyor system fed by front-end loaders has been installed. A significant plant upgrade was carried out in 2000 leaving the plant as you see it today.