Pukekawa – a one stop shop for Waikato River sand and hard rock

Winstone Aggregates is now manufacturing sand at its Pukekawa hard rock quarry on the Waikato River.

Pukakewa Quarry has a long hard rock history dating back to 1924. Its newly expanded sand producing role comes after resource consents for 60 year old nearby Puni Sand Plant site came to an end, and were replaced with consents for Pukekawa.
For Ross Twidle, manager of Puni since 2006, the last barge load of sand that came out of Puni on 26 August in 2012 marked the end of an era.
Ross’ hard work was just beginning though because Puni’s sand processing plant was moved to Pukekawa by road in as complete a state as possible.
“We cleaned the plant from top to bottom, and then all the outlying parts, like hoppers, conveyors, pumps, motors, distribution pipes and tanks, as well as the cladding and the roof were removed,” he says.
The plant’s entire middle section, complete with control room and spirals, was lifted onto a trailer for the move.
“Although only around 12km upriver from Puni, the road route to Pukekawa was a scenic 42km drive as few roads in the area are able to take the 11 metre extra wide load we were carrying!” says Ross.
Once the sand plant was in its new position, the dredge and two barges were bought up the river by tug and sand dredging began in early December.
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