Ashford Park Otaki

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Resource consents were granted by Greater Wellington Regional Council (“GWRC”) and Kapiti Coast District Council (“KCDC”) for the operation of a gravel quarry at 61-67 Te Roto Road, Otaki (“Ashford Park Quarry”).

The consented activity involves the extraction of 90,000 bulk cubic meters of gravel per year from the Ashford Park Quarry over a 15 – 20 year period. The gravel will be transported to Winstone’s current processing plant on its adjoining Otaki site using only internal roads.

The specific consents granted were as follows:

1.  On 11 December 2015 by GWRC authorising:

  • Construction of a bore at 61-67 Te Roto Road, Otaki (“Ashford Park”), being extraction of gravel which will form a lake once groundwater is intercepted (WGN160103 [33757]); and
  • Discharge of sediment at Ashford Park in stormwater runoff to the formed waterbody, created by the gravel extraction activities (WGN160103 [33758]).

2.  On 17 November 2017 GWRC issued amended regional consents following an application by Winstone Aggregates under s127 RMA.  The amended consents include further details and reporting requirements relating to the monitoring of ground water.  Copies of the amended consents and s127 officer’s report can be downloaded at the links below:

3.  On 24 March 2016 by KCDC authorising Winstone to establish a gravel quarry and undertake associated earthworks at Ashford Park, with transportation to and processing of the extracted material at Otaki Quarry (RM150184 (Ashford Park)).