Ashford Park CLG Background

Condition 62 of KCDC Land Use Consent RM150184 states the following:

“The consent holder shall facilitate the creation of a community liaison group (CLG) at its own cost and to the satisfaction of the Resource Consents Compliance Manager, KCDC.  The consent holder shall invite the following organisations or interested parties to nominate a representative:

a)     Submitters and residents of Te Roto Road (at least two representatives)

b)     Kapiti Coast District Council (one representative)

c)     Greater Wellington Regional Council (one representative)

d)     Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki (one representative)

e)     The Ōtaki Māori Racing Club (one representative)

f)       Friends of the Ōtaki River (one representative)

One representative nominated by the consent holder shall also be a member of the CLG.  The consent holder shall, in consultation and in agreement with KCDC, appoint an independent facilitator who will act as convenor of the CLG.

The CLG shall meet at least twice annually.  The function of the group shall be to provide input into all management plans and strategies for the site and provide a forum to for the consent holder to present and disseminate monitoring results and updates on project progress.

The first meeting shall occur at least 15 working days prior to the submission of the Site Management Plan to Council for certification.  The consent holder shall provide copies of the plans, strategies and reports required by these conditions of consent at its next meeting after the reports are produced and at least three working days prior to the meeting.

The specific roles of the CLG must be determined by the CLG and must be to the satisfaction of the Resource Consents Compliance Manager, KCDC.  A document stating the CLG’s CLG Terms of Reference (May 2016) must be produced within six weeks after the first meeting.  This terms of reference shall, amongst other matters, address requirements for the facilitator to provide agendas and minutes and to provide a record of the input provided when plans, reports or strategies are presented for certification.”