Community & Environment

We are committed to maintaining good community relations, having a positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate, and leaving a net environmental gain.

We have been around for a long time, nearly 150 years, and our business is built on long-term growth and resilience which can only be achieved by integrity and responsible behaviour. It’s key to our business.

We know that our industry has the potential to significantly impact the communities and environments in which we operate, and for people to have both negative and positive perceptions of who we are and what we do.  There can be conflicting values between our industry and the community.  A balance has to be struck between the potential disturbance of operations to our near neighbours, and the requirement for sources of aggregates upon which society depends.

The need to maintain and improve our physical surroundings drives the requirement for aggregates. The same need also demands, rightly, that these aggregates are extracted and transported with as little disturbance to the environment as possible. Great care is taken to minimise the effects of our activities on our surroundings, and afterwards to restore our sites to conditions at least as good as, and if at all possible better than they were before operations began.

There are many ways we work to be a good neighbour in the community and to achieve positive environmental outcomes:

  • All management staff at our 26 sites are encouraged to engage in open and active communications with all their neighbours, building strong and positive links with the local community. In this way, concerns around such issues as environmental management and operational capability can be discussed and acted upon. At our larger quarries this process has been formalised through the establishment of Site Liaison Groups.
  • We have public open days and school trips, field trips and excursions on site for students
  • Non-residential ‘buffer zones’ protect neighbours from noise and dust around our quarries
  • Shelter belts of native trees endemic to the area are planted wherever possible
  • We regularly go over and above our council consent requirements to ensure positive environmental and community relations
  • Sponsorship of community-based events, groups and initiatives.