Our Environmental Impact

How does Winstone Aggregates minimise its
environmental impact?

As a company, Winstone Aggregates strives to manage operations to achieve sustainable economic development while avoiding, remedying and mitigating adverse effects on the environment.

While operations are taking place, Winstone Aggregates goes to great lengths to minimise our environmental impact.

We have:

–          A robust Environmental Management System (EMS). This EMS provides Winstone Aggregates with a flexible tool that ensures accountability for environmental performance, providing a management framework that encourages openness and environmental improvement at all operational sites.

–          A comprehensive Environment Policy gives direction to the companies EMS and includes commitments by senior management for continual improvement and pollution prevention to effect enhanced core business operations and improved environmental performance.

–          All consents are stored in the CS VUE proprietary database and consent management system – this facilitates the allocation of responsibilities, setting of objectives, compliance analysis and mandatory reporting. Our system also undergoes regular audits and assessments to ensure regulations are met or exceeded.

–          Winstone Aggregates’ operations are undertaken in a way that minimises the adverse effects of quarrying upon the environment. For example, each site has developed solutions to minimise dust emissions.

–          Employees are trained and expected to consider how their work impacts the surroundings and how they can do better, such as calling in the water truck when roads get dusty or slowing down when driving around homes – simple, common-sense ideas that make a big difference.

–          Regular inspections and environmental monitoring are undertaken to verify the impacts and success of mitigation measures.

Winstone Aggregates is committed to continual improvement in the environmental management of our operations. This is a vital part of the drive towards even higher levels of care and key element of the continual improvement cycle.

Our footprint

VISION: “Market Leadership for the next 50 years through sustainable practices”

In a world of diminishing resources, it is increasingly important for industry to recognise, and act on, the concept of sustainability, so that the needs of the present are met without the compromising the future. Within this context, Winstone Aggregates recognises that it is vitally important that aggregates are extracted, processed and transported as efficiently, economically and unobtrusively as possible.

Quarrying is essentially a temporary use of land, although with rock quarries such use may span a generation or more. Nonetheless, sooner or later mineral extraction will be concluded at any particular site, which will then either be restored to its former use or converted to support some other activity which best meets the needs of the local community. At Winstone Aggregates both thought and investment are put into ensuring that this restoration is carried out to the highest possible standards.

Each site has an extensive land management plan in place which includes things like replanting native bush, re-shaping the land or backfilling it to create ponds and pasture. With the right sort of encouragement, trees, birds, bees and aquatic life can be sustained, and we can improve our human footprint.