Did you know that a truck traveling at 61 km per hour can continue for 33 metres in the 1.9 seconds it takes for a driver to micro nap.

The safety of Winstone Aggregate drivers, along with the general public, on New Zealand roads is paramount to us. Since the beginning of initial trials back in 2018, we have installed Guardian systems into every cab of our fleet of 74 transport vec, designed to detect signs of driver fatigue and respond instantly.

The Guardian Seeing Eye System utilises facial recognition technology to detect if a driver's eyes close for longer than three seconds, or stray from concentrating on the road ahead, reacting immediately with either alerted physical and/or audible alarms.

Head of Transport, Lee Thorburn says, “Guardian works to ensure that our drivers are kept safe out on the road. Long hours spent driving, often in the very early hours of the morning, isn’t an easy job to do. No matter what time of the day or night, I am happy to receive a direct call through our Guardian system right to a truck’s cab to chat with a driver to make sure they’re safe.”

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