Concrete & Asphalt Aggregates

Winstone Aggregates produces a range concrete
and asphalt aggregates.

  • Excellent shape and strength characteristics
  • Consistently clean
  • Customer tailored mixes

Specified Asphalt Applications

Winstone Aggregates produces a range of coarse and fine aggregates that meet specification for use in asphalt manufacture.

Specified Concrete Applications

From uniformly graded coarse aggregates through to a variety of manufactured, alluvial and marine sands, all products are produced to meet national concrete aggregate specifications. When required, concrete aggregates can be tailor-made for customers.

  • For concrete requiring good strength and stiffness
  • When low drying shrinkage is necessary
  • For decorative and exposed aggregate applications
  • For lightweight, structural applications
  • Conforms to New Zealand concrete aggregate standards NZS3121 and NZS3104

Builders Mix

Clean, crushed, pre-graded and blended with sand for use in non-specified concreting projects:

  • Driveways, paths and landscaping
  • General purpose, low strength applications

Recycled Aggregate

For Green Star rated applications, Winstone Aggregates can produce recycled aggregates for concrete manufacture.

  • Conform to New Zealand Transport Agency best practice guidelines