Manufactured and natural aggregates are produced from scoria, sand and crushed metal for specified and non-specified drainage and filter applications. Customer tailored mixes are available by request.

Products: PAPs, GAPs, Filter F2, Sands, Scoria

Winstone Aggregates adheres to strict quality control standards. Our production process is closely monitored to control size proportions and avoid segregation.

Drainage filter material

Filter F2 Sand (sand mixed with 20mm crushed aggregate) is produced for sand bed filter applications.

Drainage metal 7mm to 40/20

For backfills, soakage trenches and general drainage applications.

Pipe bedding

Crusher fines and PAPs are produced for pipe bedding application. For large pipes, GAP 20 is available.


A variety of sands are available for use in drainage applications. Iron sand is available on request.

Scoria SAP 7 – SAP 50

Porous, lightweight and with a high strength to weight ratio, SAP products are manufactured for backfills, soakage trenches and general drainage applications.