Erosion Control

Large grade rock products including Rip Rap, Gabion and Spalls (Boulders) protect coastlines and structures from water erosion.

Rip Rap

Rip Rap is available in a range of sizes, dependent on specification.

Rip Rap absorbs and deflects the impact of waves before they reach the structure they protect. Gaps between the large grade rocks trap and slow the flow of water, reducing its erosion ability. The mass of Rip Rap also provides protection against damage caused by the impact of debris, making it particularly useful as a support for bridge supports and pilings.

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Gabion is produced to a specified size of 100mm-200mm.

Gabion stabilises coastlines or slopes against erosion and can also be used as runoff silt filters, temporary floodwalls and for channel linings. Gabions are also suitable as fish barriers on small streams.


Spalls are available in a range of sizes up to >800mm.