Transport/Bulk Cartage

Winstone Transport operates a modern fleet of truck and trailer units, running every day from our sites nationwide.

Maintaining our own fleet ensures a high level of control over meeting customer expectations, especially where there are complex onsite requirements. We specialise in major contracts where there is a requirement to shift large volumes of product on limited timeframes.

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    • Bulk Alloy Units (aggregate, sand, coal, produce, grain)
    • Bulk Tankers (cement, lime)
    • Drop Siders (general freight)
    • Curtain-side Tippers (bulk, palletised)
    • Bottom Dumpers (for spreading metal on uneven ground and in height restricted)
    • Articulated Semi-Units
    • Heavy-duty Bisalloy Rock Units
    • High Productivity Motor Vehicles capable of operating at >50 tonne gross

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All vehicles are fitted with GPS technology, enabling our customer service team to accurately dispatch and monitor deliveries.


Our drivers are highly trained and experienced professionals. They have each completed both the NZQA Road Transport Certificate and the Government’s SAFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) training scheme.


A recognised industry leader in fuel efficiency and limited environmental impact, Winstone Transport operates a fleet consisting of the latest fuel efficient and environmentally friendly engines. Vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and beyond the power plant, fuel use and emissions are carefully monitored. Our fleet energy saving initiatives, put in place to eliminate unnecessary fuel use and wastage, are acknowledged by the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA).

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Winstone Transport places a strong emphasis on health and safety. Monthly staff safety meetings focus on identifying and eliminating potential hazards or incidents.

Our trucks are speed limited and our braking systems rated for heavier loads.