High Productivity Motor Vehicles

In 2009, Winstone Aggregates participated in a haulage productivity trial for the New Zealand Ministry of Transport. The trial covered the operation of specialist truck and trailer units loaded to 50 tonnes gross – an increase in payload of approximately 22% over the 44 tonnes currently legislated.

The trials were an integral step towards the investigation of greater efficiency in the way freight is moved on our roads; a controlled permit system that allows vehicles to operate at heavier weights has the potential to reduce the number of vehicle movements required to distribute the same amount of freight. Consequently, this leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and a contribution to the Government’s sustainability objectives.

Productivity trials showed that an increase in payload of around 22% resulted in carbon savings of around 14%.

As a result of the trials, and our ability to accurately measure payloads, we are permitted to run a number of HPMV vehicles.