Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Environmental Product Declaration for Sand and Aggregates Products

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Winstone Aggregates is proud to announce that our Aggregate and Sand Products now have a certificated Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from EPD Australasia, a first for New Zealand. Our EPD is a declaration of products from at Belmont, Flat Top, Hunua, Otaika, Otaki, Petone, Pukekawa and Whitehall categorised by regions Auckland/Northland, Waikato and Wellington.

An EPD quantifies the environmental impact of products through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), this is the approach used to calculate the contribution of the products in terms of waste, energy and environmental impact during its life cycle.
The Winstone Aggregates EPD covers the life cycle stages of extraction, internal transport, processing (A1-A3) and distribution to customer via Winstone Transport (A4).

Amanda Croft, General Manager, Winstone Aggregates said: “This is a significant milestone for our company. We’re delighted to be leading the industry with this first EPD Certification for our products.

There is no doubt that sustainability is important, and reducing our environmental impact is a continued priority in our strategy. This is, however, just a first step, with many more to follow”

Winstone Aggregates have been delivering quality aggregates to the concrete and civil industry for roads, construction and building for over 150 years. Understanding our environmental impact has never been more important, our EPD marks an important step for Winstone Aggregates Sustainability Pathway and delivering sustainable solutions for our customers.

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