Drury South Crossing is a 361-hectare mixed-use precinct next to State Highway 1.  The new development is creating a quality vibrant environment where business can thrive and people can live and build a community in a modern, welcoming, connected location.  Winstone Aggregates is proud to partner with Higgins to help deliver the subdivision ready for commercial units to be built. 

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Higgins, a leader in roading and infrastructure construction, are spending 2-years on the land development for the subdivision at Drury South.  This includes all the new drainage, subsoil, ducting and roading.  Starting in May 2022, they’re due to complete works in May 2024, during which time Winstone Aggregates will supply 1,500 tonnes of ducting, 1,200 tonnes of subsoil, 7,500 tonnes of drainage and 16,500 tonnes of roading aggregates during the course of the project.  All sourced from our Hunua & Pukekawa quarries and delivered to a programme of work.

We are proud to partner with leading contractors, Higgins to deliver new infrastructure and communities for a growing New Zealand.  We look forward to continuing to work with Higgins as the development continues to be built.  When completed Drury South Crossing will include 800 homes and 6,000 jobs.

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