Thursday, June 10, 2021

Ongoing Environmental Protection & Sustainability

At Winstone Aggregates, we recognise the importance of ongoing environmental protection and sustainability. With World Environment Day having just passed last Saturday, we thought it would be a great time to share one of the many environmental compensation projects that are being worked on across our sites.

Since 2010, our Hunua Quarry has implemented a number of initiatives to actively promote the ecological value of the area. Over 40 hectares of vegetation has been planted on-site using salvaged seedlings from the clearance phase of the project, with extra sections being planted to enable connectivity between different blocks, further enhancing the ecological functioning of the area. In the early stages of replanting, priority was given to plant species that could provide fruit for the native Kererū population surrounding the quarry.

These initiatives greatly benefit the area and regular attention is required to ensure the environment continues to thrive. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of effort towards the control of animal pests and weeds. The Hunua quarry has over 400 bait stations for rats and mice, 50 traps for possums, and a number of other various methods to prevent stoats, ferrets, weasels, and cats from destroying vegetation and native animals. 

Likewise, contractors are on-site three days a week to extensively manage invasive plant species such as tobacco, blackberry, and gorse. Environmental work is not bound to the Hunua quarry; it’s a central focus across all sites, with an estimated 115,883 trees planted per annum, many of which are native.

Environmental Advisor, Cam Russell says, “the Hunua Quarry Rehabilitation Programme will continue on for a number of years in order to continue to enhance the ecological values of the planted areas, and continuing to control the pest species to further enhance the habitat for native species in the area.”

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