Last week we hosted a large group of Year 4 and 8 Wainui School students at our Flat Top Quarry site for a fun day full of environmental insights and quarry site education.

Over the course of the day, students, teachers, and parents were given an induction to site safety – including the chance to suit up in high vis. They were also introduced to the environmental and rehabilitation projects we do at our quarry site.

We believe it is extremely valuable to teach our local tamariki the importance of environmental care, giving them an easily digestible explanation of how we put this into practice at Winstone Aggregates. We hope to foster an appreciation and love for the environment by getting kids off screens and into nature, so they can experience these types of activities first-hand.

To highlight the importance of giving back to nature at our Flat Top Quarry site, we shared with our VIP visitors how we protect native species (such as geckos and bats) by rehoming them in safe places. We also showcased the work we do to support neighbouring farmers with livestock – creating access ways and flattening out their land – showing the students that this process makes the land easier for farmers to work on, and for the farm animals to graze in.

Winstone Aggregates is dedicated to restoring the natural biodiversity and habitats within our sites, which is why replanting native trees on site was a key focus of the day. Flat Top’s planting contractor, David Hall, took the students through a step-by-step guide of planting a native tree which allowed them to get their hands dirty with some first-hand learning.  This was a great educational experience which doubled as a sustainability win, as we managed to plant an impressive 350 new native trees on site. 

There was also some fun quarry digging and rock Q&As throughout the day to peak students’ curiosity, along with two great guessing games where the lucky winners were gifted prizes. Every student was also given a native seedling to take back to plant in their own backyard!

Hosting students from Wainui School at our Open Day was a great experience for all involved, one that we hope to have the opportunity to hold again in the future.

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