A driving value at Winstone Aggregates is that when working in any community, we need to give back more than we take out. So back in 2016, when we were granted resource consents to quarry gravel at Ashford Park, Otaki, we worked with the Kapiti Coast District Council to explore ways to add value to the community.

Together we agreed it was important for Ashford Park to remain a local hub of outdoor activity for all members of the public to enjoy. To help facilitate this Winstone Aggregates built a 5-metre-wide walk and cycleway, linking Te Roto Road to the Otaki River to the south.

We are thrilled that the walkway has become popular over recent years and used extensively by walkers, pets, cyclists, and horse riders, especially over the summer months.

At Winstone Aggregates we recognise the importance of community and continue to work in consideration of those who are most impacted by our work. Working closely with the Ashford Park Community Liaison Group, we decided to build an additional three-metre-wide walkway to accommodate the area’s popularity. We also developed a new parking platform, diverting disturbance away from those neighboring the park. 

As a result, we have seen a greater range and number of people enjoy what the area has to offer. Next time you’re in the Otaki area make sure to check the walkways out!

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