We have just announced our continued commitment with Coastguard Kaipara’s trusty rescue vessel “Winnie”. We are proud to have sponsored them for several years now, helping to ensure that the group can continue providing water safety training and rescue services.

“Coastguard Kaipara is made up of a small but dedicated group of volunteers and our beloved rescue vessel “Winnie”. “Not only is the Kaipara region a vast area to cover, but the northwest is one of the fastest growing regions in Auckland. As the population grows, so will the demand for our services. We are committed to providing this service and grateful to Winstone Aggregates for continuing to provide the support that helps us to do so.” says Jo.

“Coastguard Kaipara is manned wholly by local volunteers who are kept on call 24/7, Winstone Aggregates continued financial contribution via their sponsorship programme is a vote in confidence in the NZCG initiative and directly influences the ability for RNZCG to provide this on-call lifesaving service to the Kaipara Harbour, and Helensville boating community.” – Andre.

Richard recalls a time when the unit proposed a name for the smaller rescue vessel, “Mini Winnie”, in recognition of being one of Coastguard Kaipara’s Main sponsor over the years, and for a time their only sponsor. “From my viewpoint there are a few requirements to keep our Coastguard unit operation functional – Rescue Vessel, Crew, Training and funding. Simply put, remove any of these items and there would not be an on-water Rescue Service based in Helensville and for this we are very thankful to have the sponsorship from Winstone Aggregates. The sponsorship provides us with a foundation for us as a crew to build on and train, improving our skills for the time that those skills will be needed and tested on water,” says Richard.

“Sponsorship from Winstone Aggregates has a large impact on the Kaipara Coastguard unit and in-turn the boaties who venture inside and outside the Kaipara,” Greg says. “Keeping Winnie on the water and ready to go comes at a cost, Winstone Aggregates sponsorship covers over a quarter of this expense. Put simply without Winstone’s help there would be reduced capacity to support boaties on the Kaipara Harbour.”

We are so glad to have established this strong relationship with Coastguard Kaipara and take pride in knowing that our sponsorship truly helps to make an impact on the unit and the work they’re able to continue to do for their community.

If you know of a community group who would benefit from our Community Sponsorship Fund click the link below to find out more on how to apply - https://winstoneaggregates.co.nz/about-us/about-winstone/sponsorship/

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