FIFA Training Ground Upgrade, Field 2, Porritt Stadium, Waikato

$1.2M is being invested in upgrading Hamilton’s sports facilities to be ready to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023.  As part of this upgrade TIC Contracting Ltd have been hired to upgrade Field 2 at Porritt Stadium.

Porritt Stadium is a large sports park in Hamilton, with a long football history as the home ground for the Hamilton Wanderers Football club.  With 32 teams from around the globe coming to play, Porritt Stadium was an ideal training ground for matches hosted in the Waikato.

TIC Contracting are resurfacing all of Field 2, which includes removal of the top 40mm of the current field, a 40mm sand carpet, fertiliser and new seed, installing new goal posts and allowing 16 weeks for the grass to grow in.

Winstone Aggregates have supplied 600tns of Concrete Sand from our Tamahere Quarry to be used on the sand carpet, as well as taking 15 truck and trailer loads of cleanfill back to the quarry.  As part of our circular commitment, we ensure we honour the land that gives us product and give back to the environment. Cleanfill plays a huge part in rehabilitating a quarry through progressive back filling.  This ensures the land is available to be replanted for other uses in the future and is aligned with our commitment to the environment.

Winstone Aggregates & TIC Contracting are looking forward to the women taking to the beautiful new pitch at Porritt Stadium in 2023.

porritt stadium copy

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