As you know here at Winstone Aggregates, safety always comes first. If you notice that we have a bit of a late start some days, it is because we care for our people and need them to attend a very important safety toolbox session to ensure everyone is on-board with our safety improvements.

One of the dates coming up, where we will “Stop for Safety” is on 29 January 2020 and we will not be operating from the hours of 1:30 pm –2:30 pm. Please bookmark this in your diary.  We have many risks on our sites, and we will look out for your safety while on site. How can you help you might ask? We will try to warn you of the many hazards on our sites by using prompts and signs. Some of the signs might be speed limits. This helps mitigate dust released from the quarry and reduce our environmental impacts. Another prompt might be not to get out of the cab while in the loading area. This is especially important, as the large equipment used on our sites, have many blind spot areas and might put you at risk while out of your cab. In following the signs and prompts on our sites, you can help us to keep you safe.


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